Custom flower confections

Our garden center, with its  20,000 square feet greenhouses, offers not only a wide variety of flowers, plants, trees and shrubs, but also a beautiful collection of ornaments and furnitures for the garden. For gardeners of all levels, we also have a range of soil, compost and fertilizer to make your garden a place of fulfillment and relaxation.

In addition, we are available throughout the year to plan your spring confections!

• Unique and artisticaly created hanging baskets, planters and patio pots.

• Consulting and advice for your gardening projects 

 • Delivery service for all our products.

 • Online shop

 • Gift certificate


Our large selection of annual flowers has made our reputation in the Eastern Townships, but we also have plants of all kinds to decorate and make your landscape stunning.

• Great variety of annual flowers.

• Unique creation of hanging baskets and patio pots.

 • All the Exceptionnelles of the year.

 • Perennials that grow years after years.

 • Rustic and hybrid rose bushes.

 • Cactus and succulents.

 • Tropical plants.

 • Aquatic plants.

 • Trees and shrubs.

 • Fruit trees and small fruit.

Vegetable Garden

For gourmet gardeners, we have several products to guarantee a delicious and well-stocked vegetable garden.

• Seeds

• A large selection of vegetables to transplant

• Mature tomato plants

• Herbs

• Mini garden for the patio

• Bulbs (onions, shallot)

• Ready to plant potatoes


To guarantee your success with your plants and annual flowers, we offer a wide range of products for your flower beds, vegetable and plants gardens. We also have several certified products for organic farming.

• Seeds (grass, flowers, vegetables)

• Specialty soil

• Compost and manure

• Mulches and decorative stones

• Fertilizers

• Pesticides

• Small tools for gardening

• Stakes and trellises

• Exclusive range of products Passion Jardins

Exterior Decoration and Landscaping

Beautify your landscape by adding some stunning decorative elements and furniture picked in our great selections. Then enjoy the view and your blooming garden in this peaceful haven.


• Modern design furniture made out of recycled plastic

• Decorative pots, planters and hanging baskets

• Garden ornaments (Statues,benche, stands, etc)

• Various other decorative accessories

In Bulk

• Top soil

• Plantation soil

• Manure

• River stone

• Sand

• Rock dust